Around this time everyone comes out with a list of New Resolutions… Most of them are very broad and are very rarely kept… (I am normally one of these people!) This year I am going to be different. Each one of my goals is going to be very simple and achievable and will all work toward a happy and healthier me!


1. I WANT to document every day this year. As I thought back through 2013 I kept forgetting little things that I wish I would have remembered. This year nothing will be forgotten (even the boring days).

2. I WANT to exercise everyday… Not go to the gym or lose a certain amount of weight as that never gets achieved. Just to go for a walk or do a little yoga at home everyday.

3. I WANT to wake up early every morning (maybe a little sleep in on sunday?) I waste to much time staying in bed and end up frantically trying to accomplish my chores with the little daytime I have left.

4. I WANT to explore Wellington. Even if it’s to a coffee shop. Its still an adventure.

5. I WANT to be a better friend. This may sound strange but I am the worst person to stay in contact with. I always forget to txt someone back or forget to answer a personal email. It drives my friends bananas!

 6. I WANT to learn something new. Not including Uni work cause thats a given, but a language or dance or instrument. Something that makes my brain feel like its actually working.

7. I WANT to use my camera more. Even if it’s just landscapes, I spent all my money on a camera I may as well use it right?

Well lets hope these get achieved!



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