Tattoo Inspiration

So I have wanted a tattoo for about six years now. My parents were and are still against the idea. I decided to wait till I was past 21 to go through with it and that way I wouldn’t go get something cliche or stupid, as this will be marking my body for life. I decided what I was going to get about three years ago, I haven’t told anyone and never will as this tattoo is for me not anyone else. I may tell people when i’m older, who knows. What I don’t know is WHERE to put it? It’s not as easy as I thought. Here are a few of my favourite places. I sourced all these photos from Pinterest




Behind the ear so it’s almost a secret.





Hip Bone is a sexy place.





I like the wrist spot but everyone has one their.





This place is cool but I wouldn’t be able to see it.




This is my favourite spot.

Hope you like. Comment your tattoo idea.


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