Bedroom Inspo…

So this week I’m back at home in New Plymouth. My mum has decided she wants to redecorate the house, the lounge and kitchen have already been completely re done but now she wants tackle our bedrooms. As kids we always had a themed room (my mum is pretty crafty) the walls and duvet covers would match and we could have crazy coloured walls. As me and my brother have gotten older our visits home get shorter, so our rooms have turned into guest rooms rather personal bedrooms. My younger sisters room is still very much ‘her room’. So my mum and me have been going a lil ‘crazy’ on Pinterest trying to find inspiration for the rooms, heres a few of my favourites so far…


Peach and Baby Blue

I didn’t think I would stray from love of neutral colours, but this peach and baby blue combo looks amazing and adds just the right amount of colour.

French Romantic

This is a very french vintage inspired look. I love how feminine all the little details are, and I love the wrought iron bed frame.

Subtle touch of yellow

I love the use of everyday items, using a chair as a bed side table is clever and looks good. I also love the touch of yellow, creates a fresh and clean vibe to the room.

Accents of gold

The wallpaper in this room creates a feature wall and gives the elusion of more space. I also love the gold accents in the accessories and the throw pillow is adorable.

Romantic Paris

Lucky last. This is my favourite look. Its simple, clean and romantic. This would be perfect as its great for a guest bedroom but also has a personal touch for me (Paris photo MY fav!) .


Hope you like



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