Exploring My City Part II…

The past weekend when My dad visited us, we explored Zealandia and we also went to the football. This was my first time visiting the Wellington Westpac Stadium also known as the ‘Cake Tin’. This was also my first time watching a football match Live, I didn’t expect it to be so different. I have been to several Rugby matches in my Hometown but never in a stadium this big. The whole atmosphere was so fun and supportive as well, rugby games can be a bit serious. There were two games, Sydney vs West Ham and the Wellington Phoenix vs Newcastle. The West Ham fans won the award for most enthusiastic and supportive. There was a section in the stadium with Blue and Maroon (West Ham Colours) the fans did not stop chanting the entire match… and then the match after. Thats around five hours of chanting :O!

At half time we had a moment of silence as two Newcastle supporters were on the flight that was shot down. It’s amazing how we band together to show our support to the friends and family of these two men. Looking around and seeing 30,000 people all standing together in silence to show our respect. It was incredibly moving and restores your faith in humanity.

On a less serious note… here are a few pic’s from the day 🙂 Hope you like!


We had brunch before we went to the game at Lido’s cafe. Nom Hot Chocolate and Eggs Benedict :).

Hot Chocolate

Eggs Bene

We arrived! Big Maori Sculpture to greet us.



WestPac Stadium

We Arrived

We arrived

During the middle break between the games we had entertainment. First we had a Hip Hop Dance troop and then we had a band. We also had the mascots throwing free things into the crowd. Dad tried but failed at winning us something.

Dance troop

Dad winning Free Stuff

Mid Game entertainment


The sun finally went behind the hill and stopped blinding us, but it got incredibly cold! The Newcastle team had really fluro clothing on when they walked onto the field? Anyone know why?


She was embarrassed by all of her layers, she literally had five! But isn’t her beanie so cute!

My Sister


Dad enjoyed both games 🙂





Hope you liked!



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