Exploring my City Part III…

So I am exploring even more of Wellington, this has been harder to do over the past couple of weeks as the weather has been miserable and I have been super busy with uni work. My sister and I decided we were sick of being inside all day staring at computer screens, so we ventured outside. The weather was pretty overcast when we left, but the wellington wind got rid of any cloud and it turned into a really beautiful evening (just incredibly cold).





Yachts going Out


Yacht going out



We ventured down to the Wellington waterfront. It’s a really beautiful spot and great for escaping the house and city. We walked for quite a bit and ended up at these really cool boat sheds that had been painted with bright colours. After about an hour the wind picked up again but we didn’t mind too much as it was perfect weather for yachting. About six or seven yachts went out as the sun was going down it was really beautiful and picturesque. I sadly only had my iPhone so excuse the photo quality.


Walking Home


Hope you like!



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