Home Haul…

So as some of you will have read I went home over the weekend. This also meant I could do a bit of shopping! I love furniture shopping and finding little pieces to add to my apartment to make it feel like home! My poor flatmate hates it as everything in the lounge screams me (lots of owls and pretty sculls!). I am very into the Copenhagen furniture design at the moment so a lot of my furniture is simple with straight lines, earthy tones and a few industrial pieces. But here are a few things I picked up.

New Desk Light

This lamp is from Freedom Furniture

Yummy Candle

This yummy smelling candle is from Spotlight

New Vases

I also got these beauties at Spotlight on sale!

Pretty Candles

I found these Vanilla Candles from Petal & Prickle

Pretty Glasses

I got these glasses as a late birthday present. I can’t get enough of the pastel colours atm.

Pretty Glasses

I got these from an op shop! I couldn’t believe my luck 🙂

Hope you like!



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