My Foundation…

So every girl/woman will experiment with foundation at one point in their life, and every girl/woman will fail horribly at one point. I have had the ‘caked on’ all most 1cm thick look, i’ve had the two shades too light or too dark look and then the i’ll try cover all my pimples with as much foundation as possible look… We can all look back at photos and laugh at how outrageous it was. I think I have finally found a foundation that matches my skin tone, has a full coverage but doesn’t leave me looking ‘cake-faced’ and it will last all day.


My Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Yes I realise I am bit of an Estée Lauder fanatic but I have found a product that works wonders! Not only does this foundation last all day… I can get wet from rain and it will survive, I can go from day to night with just a slight touch up, I have gone on a 5 hour flight and then gone to a function and it lasted. On top of all this my skin feels like it can still breathe when I wear it.

Liquid Foundation

I also use a Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer and a Estée Lauder Ideal Light which was discontinued but you can get Double Wear Brush on Glow, which is a similar product. I use these products together to help lighten under my eyes and then I use the concealer on any blemishes.


I will also use the illuminator in a V shape under my eyes which I will then blend in to help create a ‘Kim Kardashian’ brightening effect .


I hope this helps anyone trying to find a product that is worth the money. I fully recommend all of these products 🙂



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