So I went to paradise for my birthday a month or two ago and I am finally getting around to posting the photos, Rarotonga is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s a tiny little island in the Pacific Ocean and is just a 4 hour flight from NZ (basically still NZ) but I love it. This was my second trip there and I already want to go back. The people are amazing and friendly, there is a serious chill out vibe and it’s just a beautiful place. So here are a few of the pics šŸ™‚

Hey no photos Fine I'll Smile On The plane

On the Plane… Eeep!

We arrived to this!

This is what we saw when we arrived at our hotel… Heaven

Sun Tanning

So of course we went and got our togs and attempted to get a tan…

The First Sunset

Our first Sunset was AMAZING!

I can't get Enough


And Another Sunset

Yah I was a lil obsessed with the sunset….

The crystal clear water

The water was so clear.

Bike ride Around the Island Clearest Water

We hired bikes and went around the island… LOOK at that water :O

Early morning


Another one

Yes I had about 50 sunset photos…

On the bus My best friend

On the Bus that went around the Island in an 1hr…

Snorkelling fun

Snorkel Time!

Fishes Fishes Coral Fishes

When went snorkelling! It was so much fun even though there weren’t that many fish…

Hope you like!



2 thoughts on “Rarotonga…

  1. megwahlberg

    It looks like you had so much fun! I’d totally love to go there someday! I wish there were pretty things where I’m from lol

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