Drug Store Foundation…

So I got a lot of feedback on my foundation post so I thought I would do another but on my foundation that I use from the ‘Drug Store’ I call it a pharmacy 🙂 I also will show you guys the BB creme I use as finding the right type was a mission for me!

I was recommended Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse by a friend as she loves it. The hardest part for me is finding a colour to match my skin tone. I use Classic Ivory Light number 2 and its actually matched really well. At first when I used this foundation I was a little freaked out by it as its a strange mousse texture. But I now use this when ever i’m in a rush or don’t want to put on a full face of make up with a brush.

Foundation Foundation

My BB Cream! I got this BB cream from the Body Shop. It’s the all in one colour-adapting tinted cream. This cream comes out of the tube white and then as you rub it in it changes colour to adapt to your skin tone. It’s pretty cool to watch. I have used SO many different BB creams and when I finally find one that works ,I find my Maybelline Mousse. Still this cream doesn’t make me oily and isn’t to heavy on my skin, I use it when i’m going to the veggie market or if i’m just popping out and don’t want a full face of make up. so I recommend it!

BB Creme

Sorry the photo isn’t the best. Trying to photograph a shiny surface isn’t easy. I’d love any tips!

Hope you like!



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