Spring Accessories…

So many of you will already know but spring has actually hit NZ… Someone needs to tell the temperature that, as it is still freezing! However, even with the cold temperatures and the confused weather a girl or guy can still ACCESSORISE!

Big spring trends this year are the beautiful pastel colours, the statement pieces and sporty spice is making a comeback! These are just a few things I have picked up on and would love to know what Spring Trends you love?

Pastel, Pastel Pastel

I personally LOVE that this is a trend. I love how feminine pastel colours are and how its making a comeback in more then just the accessories. I love how dainty the necklace is, the beautiful pale blue purse and some serious wedges in a stunning mauve.

Necklace Bag Wedges


This was seen all through the accessories, Bags with personality, WOW shoes and big necklaces. The Clutch bag is fun and would be great for halloween, the chocker necklace is stunning! The shoes are outrageous but one hell of a statement πŸ™‚

Purse NecklaceShoes

Sporty, SPORTY, Sporty

Sporty Spice has made her comeback. Sporty Chic is A HUGE trend this spring. Nike Roshe Runs, Baseball caps in leather and so much more! I am a fan of the leather caps and she looks very cool in her one. I’m still on the fence about the backpacks, but this look is pretty cool. And everyone will have a pair of some sort of wearable sneakers this season.

Cap Bag Shoes

All photos sourced from ASOS

Hope you like!



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