A male loving feminist…


I know this topic is hugely controversial and everyone is entitled to their own view. I have normally stayed as far from feminism as possible as it to me, it just woman hating on men. It wasn’t until Emma Watson speech that I really had a think about it.

I recently got into a very big argument with a friend over this topic and how she believes the ‘HeforShe’ movement and most of Emma Watsons speech is a load of bull. She couldn’t believe Emma was ‘inviting’ the male population to the feminist movement. She also said I wasn’t a real feminist as I don’t mind the image of a female being a housewife.

She was so amazed when I said that we, as females also brought gender inequality upon ourselves. Which we did. If you got a group of women (all Shapes, Sizes, Colours, Ages) into a room 30 years ago and asked them to raise their hand if they wanted to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Architect, Builder or Farmer. The vast majority of them wouldn’t, not because a man told them not to, but because they as women we didn’t want to. It wasn’t ‘fashionable’ to become a working woman. So when we finally entered the workforce of course there would be friction.

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins

  • Feminism has become a new word for ‘Man Hating’. This is a fact. I know so many people my age who think that being a feminist, means to destroy men and overpower them in the workforce and in life. This isn’t what feminism is. We as women shouldn’t want to destroy men. We want to be viewed equally, not judge by the fact that we have to take maternity leave, have a more sensitive side or show our emotions easily


  • Gender inequality isn’t entirely the Male genders fault. We as women have also brought this upon ourselves. I am one of those woman. Until recently I have ignored the movement as many others have. I am personally ok with the idea that a man brings home the bacon and I keep house, however, this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stand up for those who aren’t ok with this idea. I have a voice and I need to add it to this movement.
  • Feminism is striving toward having gender equality. This also applies to male equality. There are several woman who wouldn’t even consider hiring a ‘Manny’, who would rather have a female hairdresser or who frown upon the idea of male teachers. This inequality needs to be addressed just the same as Female inequality.
  • There also needs to gender equality among our own gender. Women tearing down other women, because of their size or their status. Men judging and segregating other men because they show more of a feminine side or express their feelings.

I hope in 30 years time I will be able to watch my children pursue a career of their choice and not have Men or Woman judging them or frowning down on them. This was more of a random blog post then what I normally do. I hope you like it and enjoyed reading it and my view on feminism. I would love to hear your views on feminism?

Do you support #HeforShe?



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