What I’m Loving This Week…

My exams are all done!!!! WOO HOOO! So happy to have the stress and pressure out of the way. Today I had a lazy day I slept in, made my self an amazing brunch (it included pancakes) and have spent the better part of the day on pinterest/tumblr and catching up on other blogs. Being a poor student means most of my flat furniture is second hand and pretty miss matched. So I go on pinterest and dream about all the furniture and design ideas I want. This week I have been pretty obsessed with dinning room furniture. Here are some of my faves.

Dining Room

Love the colour ^

Dining Room

Chalkboard Wall is awesome ^

Dining Room

Very sleek with the B/W look ^

Dining Room

My Fav ^

Dining Room

Love this for a family ^

Dining Room

Love the added artwork ^

Dining Room

Love the lights ^

Dining Room

Love the bench seat ^

Dining Room

My second fav ^

Dining Room

All Photo Sourced from Pinterest

Hope you like



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