Whats in my Bag

I saw this post on Kelzbelz Photography and I found it really interesting hearing what some people carry around with them. I couldn’t even imagine not having my bag with me, and there were so many people who commented saying the just have their phone and a wallet or credit card!

My bag and wallet are both from the Kardashian Kollection and yes they match, i’m an OCD freak like that πŸ™‚

Hand Bag

These items I always have with me. My make up bag/Mints/Passport/Diary/Coin Purse/Headphones/Wallet/Sun Glasses and case/Notebook

My Bag

My make up bag is a gift from EsteΓ© Lauder and a lot of the products are also from Gift week. The moisturiser and face wash are left over from when I travelled to Rarotonga and I don’t use them often but have actually been handy at random times.

My Makeup Bag

My Bronzer and Eye Shadows/My Perfume/Mascara/Eyeliner/Lipstick

Face Wash/BB Cream from Clinique/DayWear Moisturiser/Mirror.

Hope you like



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