Shoe Haul…

I may have gone a little crazy with the online shopping over the past week. I now have three new pairs of shoes πŸ™‚ I am a very happy girl! If you had asked me a few months back if I would a) buy and wear a pair of nikes b) buy and wear a pair of Birks or c) buy and wear open toe heels, I would have laughed and pulled a face. But I sit here now the proud owner of all three…


Heels are from Wildpair. They are perfect for every occasion! I can dress them up or wear them to a casual event with jeans. For a pair of heels they are pretty comfortable. I personally have never had a pair that I can claim to be amazingly comfortable.

Roshe Runs

Now these aren’t real Nikes…. But I just can’t bring myself to spend all that money on a pair of sneakers that i’m not even going to train in. I will say these are really comfy and are great to chuck on in a rush or if i’m going for the sport chic sort of a look.


These also aren’t actual Birkenstocks. I got these babies at Wildpair as well mainly to see if I suit them, will actually wear them and find them comfortable. They tick all the boxes, I can see why Birks have lasted so long! My dad now claims he is a ‘Trend Setter’ as he has always worn them!

Sorry for the bad lighting! New location for taking photos and i’m still adjusting πŸ™‚

Hope you like



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