Been a While…

hello there

Coming on here and seeing that my last post was in NOVEMBER makes me feel so bad! I hate that my blog has been pushed to the bottom of my to do list, but alas it has. Things that have happened in the past three weeks…

I moved my sister into my spare bedroom

Moved both us back home for summer

Got a new job

Learning to deal with people who really just aren’t there to support you…just use you

Christmas… enough said…

This past three weeks has been kinda mind blowing emotionally and physically. Everytime I go to sit down and catch my breath something new pops up that needs my attention. Work wise this has been amazing! I have learnt sooo much in the past few weeks and have might even have a new job for next year when I graduate! Eeep exciting and scary saying that.

moving house

For anyone who has moved home/flats/countries you will know that what looks like a small easy job will never be that. Organising movers and storage, turning off power, internet and then attempting to pack all your belongings… Its a task that I don’t plan on repeating anytime soon! (also if you understand the Pivot picture… we were meant to best friends!)

mother and daughter

Moving back home has actually worked out so far! Normally my mum and I would be at each other throats (two chefs one kitchen situation) by now but we seem to have found a system that works! Thank the heavens, cause three months of us constantly butting heads would have been tiring and probably not too healthy on the relationship.

So apparently a lot of businesses in New Plymouth are in desperate need of some guidance when it comes to anything relating to social media! They haven’t got a clue! So that has become my new job. Going and helping businesses set up facebook, twitter, instagram and for some people a blog. It has been fun and annoying. No offence to any older generation reading this… but you older folks really don’t like change or technology…

letting go

Now the emotional part. My mum said that nearly everybody discovers this as they get older. You go from having 20 friends in high school to a handful of friends when you leave uni. That handful will be there through thick and thin but the rest go their own way. I am at that point when I am in one sided friendships. I constantly give and and get nothing in return. And I don’t need a massive thing in return. Just a hi, hello there. But all I get is a text asking if I can drive them somewhere like a taxi or asking if they can borrow something then its back to the silence and not hearing from them for months. My question.. How long do I keep giving? How long do I hold on to a 10 year friendship? I would really love some input from an outsider. This situation is really messing with my head….

Christmas Time

And then on a happier note…. It’s DECEMBER that means Christmas explodes everywhere! Our house was decorated on the 24th Nov for a fundraising event so Christmas came early. I love this time of the year but I have never had this many Xmas parties to attend ever… Every weekend is booked with parties, I have had I don’t know how many secret santa presents to get and then I am decorating till I can’t stand the sight of tinsel. I love all the drama and festivities that happens this time of year!

I hope you have had a great couple of weeks

Promise I won’t be away so long



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