What’s on my Desktop…

So as I have said before when I go through sites like Tumblr and Pinterest if I really like a picture I will drag it to my desktop. It is always a random variety of images. Here is whats on my desktop this week!

I love winter! The fashion, the food, the atmosphere even the weather makes me happy! I find getting warm is so much easier than it is trying to get cold in summer. My current love is the oversized trend. Big tailored coats, chunky knit jumpers and scarves and then the boots. I also think you can have more creative fun with winter fashion.

I love these big coats. So dramatic yet incredibly simple.

Oversized coat in mint Oversized coat in camelWinter oversized coat

I love these ripped jeans and the delicate details with the thick knit jumper.

Details for winter Ripped jeans, stripesOversized knit jumper

Top knots are my go to hairstyle at the moment. And I am loving Jamie Chung’s Fashion right now!

Quote Jamie Chung style

I am still re decorating my flat so whenever I see anything interior related I want it. I am a big fan of the beautiful wooden pieces with the clean and white walls and bedding.

   Bedroom Fashion

Love these framed pieces. I really do love staying in bed!

Bedroom Style Stay in bed

Both of these quotes make me so happy! Winnie the Pooh is so wise 🙂

winnie the pooh quoteQuote, Inspred

All these pics are from my Tumblr or Pinterest!

Hope you like



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