En Blanc

So for my mum’s birthday we decided to go all out with the En Blanc theme. We had a photo booth, fairy light palm tree and amazing food and far too many bottles of champagne. The best part about the photo booth was watching the photo’s become more and more extravagant as more champagne is consumed! We decided to go for a moroccan theme with the dinner, with a lemon chicken tagine, lamb with apricots and almonds and eggplant zaalouk option for the main and a stunning black forrest cake for dessert. Here are some of the pictures from the night.

   En Blanc  En Blanc

En Blanc

En Blanc

En Blanc  En Blanc

My skirt and top are from Asos, jacket from City Chic and my shoes were Windsor Smith.

En Blanc

My favorite photo of my sister, mum and me. This image sums us up pretty well, my sister the goofy ball, my mum the sassy one and me looking slightly terrified!

En BlancEn Blanc

My entire family, Mum/ Dad/ Older Brother/Younger Sister/Me

En Blanc

My exact words before this photo… “Ok, let’s take a nice photo now…” this was the result, me smiling, my brother hiding and my sister pulling a derp face.

En Blanc

Dad and his girls 🙂

En Blanc

Photo with my Mums! Debbie is our neighbour and my second mum

En Blanc En Blanc

Then the night escalated and the photos became more and more tragic! It was amazing.

En Blanc

Hope you like!



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